Webconverger... embracing the Web 6th March 2012

Kai Hendry hendry@webconverger.com @kaihendry



Debconf 3

without a laptop


Back in England

Iterate faster

Hannux done right!

Not for SEED :(





Designed with Debian Live configuration

Security by wiping the slate clean

Firefox / Iceweasel extension

Suck less — dwm.web

= No.1 Web kiosk

			$ curl -s http://ping.webconverger.org/2012-02.txt |
			awk '{ sum+=$1} END {print sum}' 

Neon digital signage

Next level features

  • Network retry
  • VPN for Remote monitoring and management (proprietary)
  • API boot → $HOMEPAGE/?mac=MACID (subscription billing)
  • Efficient upgrades with Git

Opportunities & Threats

  • Being a business complementary to the community
  • Balancing privacy needs of Webconverger and the needs for Neon (profiling)
  • Chrome / ChromeOS (Webkit, GPU)
  • Hardware (collecting data, testing, for all PCs?)
  • Legacy video and Adobe flash
  • Demos / Slide playing — developing the idea of doing it on the Web
  • Mobile devices

Freedom from

Enabling open technology to push things forward with HTML

For you the Linux user?

  • Welcome to my world! Web & terminals
  • Another direction: node.js / httpd, expose device APIs
  • Interested in our $HOMEPAGE → your git repo API?
  • Roll your own distro, maintain and "web boot" into a chroot in github? Keep free!
  • Re-think the broken Linux desktop