AWS serverless from the trenches

19:00 15 May 2017

Kai Hendry

What is serverless?

Think of it as: Managed code environment in the cloud.

Microservices and the Unix philosophy?

find | grep foobar | mail

Now is:

sls invoke -f filtermail -p events/s3-event.json


sls invoke -f filter -p events/s3-event.json
sls invoke -f mail -p events/mail-me.json

s3-event.json is the saved copy of `sns: "arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-1:XXXXXXXXXXX:interesting-upload"`

Problem: New Ingestion flow for Spuul

Now we have ~10 lambda functions.

TIP: It probably be should be all in one serverless.yml


The good things

Not so good things


Really quite bad things

Will AWS solve this problem?

Third parties like

To conclude

Thank you

19:00 15 May 2017